Direct Mail Will Get A Faster Response

Written by Janelle Schenher, Account Supervisor

In an industry that continually is looking for the next technological advancement to engage consumers, it’s still traditional direct mail that generates the fastest response.

According to the latest research from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) consumers are more likely to respond faster to direct mail than email as seen in their infographic:

Our TWO Sense: Direct Mail Will Get a Faster Response

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By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: One Size Fits Most

While Halloween costume shopping, I came across an adult super hero costume that stated, “One size fits most.” HMMM…Is that even possible? It did appear to have spandex like qualities….but despite the fact that it could adjust for someone’s girth, this one-piece slip on body suit will not acceptably fit varying heights.  Is it okay to market and sell something that “fits most”? Or, would it be a better idea to sell an assortment of sizes…something to fit each body type? This same thought process can and should be applied to your direct marketing messages.Read more

5 Successful Marketing Strategies from Chicago’s DMA Conference You Should Be Using.

Written By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Out TWO Sense: 5 Successful Marketing Strategies

Since this year’s Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Conference was located in downtown Chicago near our office, our agency received even more information leading up to the exhibition than usual. Through 5 different channels, the DMA was able to reach me, as a target audience - before, during and after the event.Read more

Time for a Marketing Tune-Up

Written By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Marketing Tune Up

Now that we’re midway through 2013, let’s take a step back to evaluate this year’s marketing efforts so far. Things may be going great as is…or maybe there are some items that need improvement.  It happens to all of us and it may be time for a marketing tune-up.Read more

Get My Attention … Please!

Written by Kim Chapman, Account Executive

stand out

Over the last 4 days, I have received 31 emails and 14 pieces of mail from marketers. (I just counted) Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time to shuffle through them yet and delete/throw away what I don’t want, and while I welcome these vies for my attention, they beg to answer the following question: “How can marketers really break through the clutter?”Read more