Written By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: Why Read This?


Why read this? Well, because it’s important and you most definitely can relate…

We’ve all been there. When it is crunch time on a HOT marketing project and the deadline is fast approaching, the clock is ticking away and your cohorts are waiting on YOU. That’s when it happens…SMACK! You’ve hit a copy wall. You can’t seem to focus, nothing is making sense or sounding right. It’s just too long. It’s missing the key benefits. It’s a dull and boring read. You are not sure how you’ll grab their attention. And to be honest, you don’t know what else to write...Read more

3 Tips to Create an Irresistible Outer Envelope

Our TWO Sense: 3 Tips to Create an Irresistible Outer Envelope

By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

The outer envelope of a mailing is the headline of an ad. Copy (or lack thereof) and design can determine whether the mail gets opened.  How can envelope creative be so irresistible that the recipient is compelled to open? Here are three tips to get your envelope opened.Read more


By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: 1-to-1-is-two

Personalized marketing efforts are those that are tailored to one specific customer.

This technique is often used in online marketing atmospheres, such as: websites and social media sites where re-targeting efforts are employed to monitor and track an individual customer’s interests… and then later “serve” them an advertisement that makes a future purchase suggestion based on their recently expressed interests.Read more

No Wait...and Customization!

Written by Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

OurTWOSense: No Wait... and Customization

In a dated Washington Post article entitled “Post Office to Eliminate Stamp Machines”, it stated: “The U.S. Postal Service plans to eliminate its 23,000 vending machines by 2010.” The reasoning to remove the machines included:  the plethora of other places stamps could be purchased, the cost to repair/update aging vending machines, the lack of use of the machines, and the complications to keep up with the US Treasury Dept.’s currency changes.

However, it is now 2012 and the USPS postage vending machine still exists, or at least a modified version of what it used to be, resides at my local Chicago suburban post office. I personally feel that the stamp vending machine, or should I say the “Automated Postal Center” is a great convenience and supplement to the U.S.P.S.’s customer service staff.  I appreciate the fact that I can run in and out of the post office in under ten minutes, smartly avoiding the customer line that wraps around the office and usually out the door. And I love the ability to purchase multiple books of stamps promptly, using my credit card. Quick, convenient and easy… are words that we do not often associate with the good old U.S.P.S.

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10 phrases that can be replaced with one word

During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year. Here is number 3.

Number 2!

Written by Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive


We all know description matters. In order to get a message across we must spend countless hours writing, proofing, and rewriting sentences until they convey everything we want them to say. My co-worker’s post “Does Word Choice Really Matter” gives you tips on choosing the right words for your copy, but sometimes when you put lots of words together you get “circumlocution”.  Circumlocution is when you use a copious amount of words to express and idea. These phrases are heavy and bombard your copy with unnecessary verbiage.  If you lose these 10 phrases and replace them with their one word counterpart, then your copy will look light and easy to read.Read more