Our TWO Sense

(originally posted on Monday, January 11, 2010)

After 17 years of developing response marketing campaigns and brand building for our clients, The Weinstein Organization (TWO) is proud to announce a re-branding of our own. Our new web site, URL, and logo design all reflect TWO’s continuing evolution as an integrated marketing agency. But what does that mean to you: our clients, friends and business partners?

For one, it was time for a fresh new look. We streamlined our web URL (www.twochicago.com), re-fashioned our logo, and re-designed our web site with creative and navigational energies that reflect the people who work here. Our core competencies of strategy, creative, tactical implementation, measurement & response tracking, and ROI are the same as always, but they’re being acted upon with breakthrough ideas, broad perspectives, and innovative techniques.

Some of those techniques now include an expansion of our email and web site development services, Viral Video & Digital Content Production, Social & Mobile Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. So while we’re knocking down the walls of familiarity, we thought it made sense to apply that spirit to our own brand as well.

Besides the vibrant, new design, you’ll find a lot of new features and communication platforms on our web site. We expanded our portfolio to display more of our work in a dynamic array. We laid out our corporate philosophy and workflow as a statement of dedication to what we do and how we do it. And we gave you a peek inside the personalities of the people who work here—so you know who we are, what makes us tick, why we love what we do.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to interacting with you.