Places TWO Go: Goodwin’s

(originally posted on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

With so many dining options in Chicago’s Loop and surrounding areas we often forget to mention some of the good old standbys that get us through the lunch hours and busy days. While you’ll likely always remember that impressive, pricey, once-a-year-on-your-anniversary dinner, it’s the simple yet delicious sandwich or salad that warms the soul and recharges the batteries for a busy afternoon. With that in mind, The Weinstein Organization (TWO) would like to give props to a place that has become a TWO favorite: Goodwin’s.

Goodwin’s is located at 175 N. Franklin St. in Chicago’s Loop, and is as unassuming as the stores and restaurants that surround it. The modest storefront leads you downstairs to the lower level of the building in which it resides. Delicious aromas fill the stairway and out the door during the lunch hour rush. Goodwin’s has about 20 different sandwiches and wraps, along with delicious soups and salads made daily. Probably the best thing about Goodwins is how fresh everything tastes. They use high-quality meats, breads and cheeses, and that is evident from the first bite. And for vegetarians, they have a surprising amount of options–we have a few vegetarians at TWO and they never have a problem getting a fabulous meal at Goodwin’s.

And what good would this review be if we didn’t offer a few suggestions? Some of TWO’s faves are the “Vail”, “Ravinia”, “Rexburg”, and “Rosie’s Sloppy Veggie Wrap”. Another plus: you can order a side of fresh tortilla chips with Goodwin’s own guacamole or salsa.

Goodwin’s is not a groundbreaking new concept in dining. It is quite simply a sandwich shop, but what makes it so great is their attention to detail and high-quality ingredients they use. Great service, delicious food, and a fun twist on ingredients make Goodwin’s a winner in our book. If you haven’t been there in a while we urge you to go back. If you are in from out of town, or work outside of the Loop, we highly recommend Goodwin’s as your break from the everyday lunch.

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