TWO Talents : Graphic artist by day, musician by night

Chris MacCarthy started taking drum lessons at age 13, guitar lessons at 16, piano lessons at 17 and started song writing at around 16.

How long have you been playing and singing?

I performed my first original songs at high school recitals, then at cafes and bars/clubs while in college. I formed my first band at 18 while a freshman in college. It was a 3-piece with me on guitar and vocals, a bass player and drummer.

Who is your favorite group/singer?

My favorites are always changing, and there are too many to mention all of them. To name a few…Sonic Youth, Hovercraft, Viva Voce, The Frogs, Joni Mitchell, Radiohead

What famous people or venues have you played with/at?

I’ve performed in Santa Monica, San Diego, and Minneapolis. The majority of venues are in Chicago, including: Subterranean, The Beat Kitchen, and Uncommon Ground. I once performed at an event at The Hideout with Billy Corgan, Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), and others.

What are your future plans, aspirations?

I’ve recently started playing with a new band, wish to continue playing shows around Chicago and I am recording a new album with them. My past solo work has been fairly mellow and soft. My latest band is fairly loud and heavy.

How can someone hear your music?

My music can be found on iTunes,, or @