Is Your Push Strategy Making You Pull Your Hair Out?

You spend plenty of time and energy segmenting your lists, crafting the right message, designing the look, and executing on time and on budget. You ship, you mail, you Tweet, you share, and then…*crickets*.

Well, what did you expect? A sale? An opt-in? A new customer? A higher Klout score? Ask yourself this the next time your results underwhelm:

Did you pull your audience in, or just you just push more marketing at them?

The Push Strategy has its merits in brand awareness as long as your push is strong and consistent. And if you have a big enough budget you can literally push your marketing all around the world. The current trend in marketing is asking people to “join the conversation”, but that is a very passive approach. You need a huge push to reach enough people in your target audience to find a tiny fraction of people who are willing to “dialogue” about your product or service.

Talk is cheap. New customers and sales are the brass ring.

If you want to do more than get a few people talking about you, you need to incentivize them to respond. You need to draw the audience closer to you, to your landing page, or to your store. You need to be direct about it. You need a Pull Strategy to engage your audience, nurture their attention, and encourage them to take a specific action.

No fisherman has ever succeeded by throwing all their bait into the water, then sat back and waited for the fish to jump into their boat.