Re-Think Engagement As Direct Response

AdAge Digital published an interesting article called “The Brutal Truth About Social Media: It’s Okay To Be A Little Antisocial”. The point of the article was that “most” consumers will “never” engage with your brand or your content, so it’s really okay to treat social media like a broadcast medium.

There’s some validity to this point in that the consumption of your message and content is a form of engagement. As long as your message gets out there to your audience and they see it, watch it, or read it then your mission may have been accomplished. This has worked for traditional media, so it must work for social and digital too, right?

It might work, but how would you even know it? That’s why we believe effective social media marketing is really a direct response approach.

Social media is a wonderful catalyst for incentivizing response from a relatively stable, uniquely measurable, and highly scalable (thanks to viral marketing) audience. These are characteristics that we direct marketers love, which is why you should re-think how you define engagement.

Engagement by most social media standards loosely means fostering a 1:1 relationship with your audience and getting them to “have a conversation” with your brand. But that is really wishful thinking and a misdirected goal.

Brands and organizations need their audiences to RESPOND in meaningful ways that advance their goals. That could be a sale, or an email sign-up, or a re-post, or a download, or a click to a landing page. Or any trackable and measurable action that you specifically incentivize your audience to take.

When you think about Social Media Engagement as Social Media Response, you can begin to apply successful and proven direct response marketing techniques in ways that no other media can.