Are you getting paid for that post?

A new form of advertising is starting to spread around your social networks and it may make you think twice about clicking on your friend’s latest posting.  A new service is being offered that allows users to share videos and get paid every time someone in their social network views that video.  So, is this going to be another form of spam for social media or is this the next best way to drive conversions?

The concept seems sound and for advertisers this seems like a win-win.  They get access to people’s private social media networks and for viewers it appears that their friend is posting an interesting video for them to see.  As long as advertisers are providing unique and interesting content, then their videos should have an exponential reach to their target customers.  And for the people that are posting the videos, they won’t get rich, but if they are posting videos that they would normally post, then a little extra cash doesn’t hurt either.

Is this going to be the next big way to reach potential customers in a highly targeted way, or will it be written off by advertisers and consumers as another form of spam?  Only time will tell, but if this new channel of reaching customers works, then you might want to think twice the next time you are about to click on that funny video clip your buddy posted.