Making Data Fun Again

As Direct Marketers we understand the importance of tracking results and being able to analyze the response from any given project or campaign.  It is in this data where we can determine if a campaign was a success and gain valuable insight as to what is driving response.  Often times, this data gets buried into endless spreadsheets and boring graphs and charts which doesn’t always do this valuable information the “justice” it deserves. So, how do we make this data relevant?  Say hello to the infographic.

The infographic is not a new thing by any means but the way it can visualize what can often times be considered “boring stats” has made data and statistics fun and interesting again.  In many ways the infographic accomplishes the same thing that The Weinstein Organization strives to do every day – blending the art and science of Integrated Marketing.

Below is an infographic courtesy of TAMBA, which breaks down the stats, explaining why Pinterest is so powerful with its consumption-friendly audience.  We thought this was a great example of how powerful an infographic can be.  What do you think?