A Day in the Life of a “Marketing” Pinner

As told by TWO’s own Account Supervisor, Janelle Schenher

I ride the train in the morning and check my Pinterest app on my phone to see what’s out there. I need a break at work, I pin something.  At night while my husband and I watch our shows…more pinning.  Everyday I pin SOMETHING.  I love the new ideas I get and the tips I find and the sense of community when a friend of mine repins something I originally pinned.

I check my email to see which of my pins are creating the most repins and likes.  And most importantly I want to know if I gained any new followers.

I am not just ANY Pinterest junkie…I am a MARKETING Pinterest junkie.  I strategize what I am pinning and where I am pinning it so I can get more people to repin and like and follow me.

I know what pins of mine are the most successful.  Don’t believe me?  Mansfield Park and Philadelphia Story on my At the Movies Board, and Tasting Party on my Party Ideas Board.

I have about 50 Boards, over 8,100 pins and some of my boards have close to 550 followers.

WHY am I doing this???  Because not only do I get new and fresh ideas for Teacher Appreciation Gifts and different ways to utilize strawberries and blueberries for the 4th of July, but also from a marketing standpoint I like to see how my pin impacts other people.  I’ve found more companies following me too like World Market, Domino Sugar, Moroch Entertainment, and Lollipop Wishes to name a few.

So…how does your company develop a successful Pinterest page?  Here’s 9 helpful tips:

  1. Be the original pinner! Pin images from your website using the “Pin it” button.  That way, people will have to go to your website to see the source…
  2. Write a good description about who you are next to your profile picture.
  3. Make sure to link both your company’s Twitter account and website to your Pinterest page (Facebook Fan pages don’t link to Pinterest—if you found out how, LET ME KNOW!)
  4. Give each pin a good description so it’s easy for someone to find if they want to search for it.
  5. Use hashtags for your pins and share a pin or two on Twitter.
  6. Create a variety of boards, the more the merrier.
  7. Be conscious of how you name a Board and use the right “Board Photo”…this show’s everyone what they can expect to see on that board.
  8. BE FUN!  This is the place to SHOW who your company is (i.e. what shows you watch, where you eat, etc.).  Just don’t post things about your company or you might not get many followers or repins.
  9. Watch the “Popular” pins…this is similar to Twitter…you can see what’s “trending” and repin the popular pins to your boards (when appropriate).

Who knew that back in August last year, when a couple of my coworkers were telling me that I HAD to join Pinterest, that it would actually change the way I do almost everything.