Is Pinterest Changing The Way We Look At Websites?

Written by Chris Czachor – Account Executive

I just read an article about how Mashable recently conducted a study in which they tracked the eye movements of 600 participants looking at various Pinterest pages and the results were quite interesting.

When people look at websites they tend to look up into the left corner of the screen and then move their way down and across the site.  If you think about it for a second, that is why most companies have their logo in the upper left corner, or for social media sites you can see the person’s profile picture and information.  Facebook and Twitter are set up like this as are most web-based email providers and even Outlook for that matter.  The fact is, this is pretty much the standard way things work for websites until Pinterest came into the picture (pun intended).  There were a few interesting takeaways from the article that I wanted to share as they tend to go against the common way people view sites:

  • Pins that were front and center of the page/board had the highest percentage of views.  This means that people are not looking at Pinterest boards the same way they look at other sites and if fact are changing their habits when viewing boards.
  • Profile image and information is not as important as other social media sites.  On average, most people looked at a person or brand’s pins before they looked at their information which once again is going against the standard way people look at sites.
  • People like brands better after viewing their Pinterest boards.  The respondents of this study said they had a better opinion of the brand and were more likely to purchase something from them after viewing their boards.

Think about that last bullet point for a second.  If putting together a well planned Pinterest board will help improve brand perception and drive customers to purchase products, then I would have to say it is well worth the time and effort for a company of any size to participate in Pinterest.  You never know, it could be the vehicle that will help drive your business to the next level!

For more information on the study and to see some additional images on viewing patterns please check out the article on Mashable.