Let’s Get Social!

Hello, my name is Alexa, and I am one of the new interns here at The Weinstein Organization.  I have been brought on board to work on one of our client’s social media campaigns.

To say the least, I live in a social world. Social media is apart of my every day life, and it always has been. There is not a day that goes by when I am not present in both the real world and the “online” or social networking world.  Whenever I am neglected access to social media, whether I’m on a plane, my phone dies, or whatever the circumstance, I always feel as if I’m completely out of the loop and missing out on the latest news. My generation is ALWAYS “online” living a second, virtual life, through the click of a button.

To better explain how much I use social media on a day-to-day basis I am going to describe to you a normal week in my life.

On the weekend before my friends and I go out, I’ll usually update my Facebook status or tweet about where we are going. “So excited to go to the _____ concert with so and so”. I always tag their names so they’re notified that I mentioned them in my post. Once they see this notification they’re likely to “like” or “comment” on the post.

As the night passes and we reach our destination, somebody is likely to update his or her Twitter or Facebook status to inform everyone “online” where we are at (“At _____ with so and so”).

One of my favorite things to do while we are out is to Instagram a picture. It just takes a quick snap of a picture on my phone, and then I upload the picture on my Instagram app (because we all have Smartphones!), add a cute filter and make it public everywhere—Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As you can tell, my weekends are highly infiltrated with social media, but it doesn’t stop there. Just because things may be calmer throughout the week, doesn’t limit my usage of social media. For example, everyday on my train ride to and from work I scroll through my Twitter feed to catch up on what people did over the weekend or what their future plans are. Then I’ll switch to Instagram and see what people did or are doing. I like how some people take an artsy approach to their Instagram photos and others are funny about it. Either way, I’m entertained.

One of my guiltiest pleasures is Pinterest. During the school year, my friends and I constantly participate in what we call “a Pinterest sesh” (short for session). This really just includes listening to music while we’re on Pinterest. We’ve deemed it “a Pinterest sesh” because these sessions always end up way longer than we have time for.  There are so many great ideas and captivating pictures that you never want to stop “scrolling down”.

I also love Pinterest because I can save ideas on my boards. Additionally, it gives me a lot of ideas for outfits and many times if you click on the picture it brings you to the original site, which could be a blog or Polyvore. What’s Polyvore you ask? Polyvore is the web’s largest fashion community site where you can find out exactly where you can buy that outfit.  It also helps you develop your own style, gives me ideas of where to shop, and how to put different pieces together.

Pinterest has also expanded the number of blogs I follow. It’s a great way to find the types of blogs you like by just clicking on the photos you’re interested in which takes you to that blog.

As you can see I’m constantly utilizing social media in my everyday life. Although it seems as I’ve limited certain social networks to different times of the week, I truthfully check each one everyday.

Although using social media seems second hand, I now look at it differently—I look at it from a marketer’s point of view.  I think about how I use social media day-to-day and then apply these practices to positively impact how my client is seen in the social media realm.

I find it ironic that here I am using social media at work too!  Every day, I teach myself something new and become more and more impressed with just how useful social media can be in all aspects of life. I can only image where our world will be in 20 years.