Is it Time You Made an App?

Written by Sean Enright – Marketing Intern

From someone who takes the train every day, you see lots of different people.  But most of these people are doing the same thing, using their iPhones and iPads.  And as an iPhone owner, I can’t help but want an iPad too.  As a direct marketer, I think about how a company can market apps to these people using these devices.

When I was reading an article on this subject, I saw a mistake that many people make when creating a mobile app.  People tend to overlook ways to market the app successfully.

There are a lot of ways that a person can market their new app.  Marketing in creative ways is very important when coming up with a new idea.  In the article they discussed 12 ways to market the app.  I thought three were most important and interesting.

“Don’t go overboard on advertisements.”  It seems that half of the time spent on iPhones and iPads are wasted waiting while watching an advertisement.  It is why I have personally gotten rid of multiple apps because I was so sick of advertisements coming up every time I pressed a button.

“Get Social.”  This is important because with my devices I am on Twitter and Facebook constantly.  So it is important to connect your app with its own Twitter and Facebook to continue to build up brand awareness.

“Have a website.”  This might seem obvious but having the website that shows your app, the apps Twitter and Facebook just helps your app get noticed by more and more people.  If someone can connect all of these things together, then they should have no problem marketing and selling to iPhones and iPads.

At TWO, when a client is using multiple marketing channels we may encourage them that an app is the next step if it makes sense.  If their product or service can be easily used on smartphones devices, it may make sense to make it even easier with a quick and simple app.

With continuing advances for iPhones, iPads and other products similar, apps are being created all the time.  If you market the right way then that will make your app standout from the rest.