5 Pinteresting Secret Board Ideas for Marketers

Written by Janelle Schenher, Account Supervisor

Since my last article, A Day in the Life of a “Marketing” Pinner, my Pinterest obsession has only grown.  I now have 64 boards, almost 14,000 pins, and nearly 1,300 followers.

When I started using Pinterest in August 2011, I emailed the folks at Pinterest about blocking people from seeing some of my boards.  I always pin presents I want to buy my friends and family, and I wanted a way to hide these pins.

Pinterest responded to my email right away, and told me that they wanted Pinterest to be a community of members to share content and ideas, but it was something they were thinking about for the future.

THEN on November 8, my dreams came true.  Pinterest announced Secret Boards.  I was given 3 Secret Boards to keep my pinning to myself.  By giving us only 3 boards, Pinterest prevents people from making their entire account private, and continues to encourage a community of content sharing.

I know how I personally want to use a Secret Board, but how would a business use a Secret Board?  Here are 5 ideas…

  1. Client Approvals.  This is a great way to build a board for a client and gain their approval and suggestions prior to making it public. There wasn’t a way to “show” a board to a client without it already being a public board.
  2. Test a Promotion. If if you have a promotion or contest that you want to test before making it public, you can invite people to your Secret Board, have them test the promotion and get useful feedback before making it public.
  3. Research Competitors. Use a Secret Board to keep up with what your competitors are doing on Pinterest.
  4. Product Launch.  You can build a board in advance of a product launching.  When the product officially launches, you won’t need to scramble to build the board—you just make your Secret Board public.
  5. Company Photo Sharing.  Invite your company to a Secret Board where you share photos from a company event or party—that way you can keep those embarrassing photos within the company circle!

These are just a few ideas, but now you can keep these ideas a secret!  And I can keep my husband from seeing what he’s getting for Christmas!