7 Steps to Making Your Holiday Card Mailing a Cinch!

Written by Daniela Burgos, Assistant Account Executive

Christmas Card

‘Tis the mail merge season…

It’s that time of year again when getting into the holiday spirit requires narrowing down your holiday mailing list and hopefully using what has to be the easiest and most efficient tool ever to create labels – mail merge. This marvelous tool, which I am going to use for every mailing now, is a definite life and time saver. I recently had the opportunity to use this tool for a holiday card mailing and it got me thinking about the importance of staying in touch with people and the preferred method of doing so by sending personalized cards. So actually, on some level, everyone creates their own direct mailing pieces, whether they know it or not.

Let’s take holiday cards for example; the process follows the same steps we utilize in producing a direct mailing, just on a smaller scale. The essential functions can be summed up into 7 steps:

  1. Collect names of whom you are sending to and make a list
  2. Research correct addresses and/or updates the ones you have
  3. Choose your card design or best awkward family photo
  4. Tailor the message to the specific person/s
  5. Make address labels (hopefully using the mail merge tool)
  6. Put on the stamps and mail the pieces
  7. Wait for a response

When it comes to direct mail, it really is about delivering a tailored message for a response – and isn’t that essentially what you are doing when sending out holiday cards? And who doesn’t enjoy receiving a thoughtful card during the holidays? I would like to think that our direct mail pieces carry that same feeling; a welcomed letter that is designed specifically for you that meets a need. Though direct mail contains a variety of approaches, the end result of any direct mail piece is to make your life a little easier. It is something you should enjoy opening, like a holiday card.

So if you have not already, send your own direct mailing this season and spread some holiday cheer!