Personal Connection to Advertising?

Written by Daniela Burgos, Assistant Account Executive

to resolve or not to

New year, new me. It’s January and you know what that means, resolution time! Every year I attempt to come up with some kind of life altering resolution for the new year and every year it boils down to the same thing: to get healthy.

This time of year, when resolution making is at its peek, there seems to be a bombardment of ads for weight loss and gym memberships. The true stand out in my book is Special K and it has nothing to do with the lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks Special K challenge. I am loving the way Kellogg’s Special K cereal is reworking the way people think about losing weight. For some, standing on a scale can be a scary thing. One of the ads of the “What Will You Gain When You Lose” campaign positions Special K not as a temporary diet fad, but rather it calls out personal goals to feel good about yourself through the Special K line and they do this without even having to show any products!

With advertising ever present, it becomes imperative that brands make connections beyond just trying to get consumers to purchase. Kellogg’s Special K is indirectly selling women the brand by putting focus on an overall personal feeling you will achieve by consuming this product. Conversely, if you feel good about yourself, then you will feel good about the brand and believe in its message.

The resolution to keep in mind in advertising is that it is about creating a message that speaks to consumers, not just selling to them. In the end, it really does not matter what product is being sold, be it a diet system or a new car, if the overall message makes a connection to consumers it can do no wrong!