5 Super Bowl Ad Strategies for Everyday Marketing Campaigns

Written by Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Ads from the Super Bowl

I admit it. I watch the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials.

So with the big game approaching – what’s going to be the next big ad, media strategy or product people will be talking about? And how can I apply those ideas to MY clients?

Based on the “Super Bowl Advertisers Turn to Social Media”  article I was reading, social media is likely part of the equation not only DURING the game but before and after.

This year, not uncommon to last year, some ads were previewed ahead of time to tease viewers to tune into the full airing of the spot during the Super Bowl.

Viral videos continue to be effective. Interactivity continues to be a way to reach the audience. Audi will be showing an ad with 3 different endings on YouTube. Fans vote for their favorite commercial of the 3 to determine which airs during the Super Bowl.

Admittedly, I have not been directly involved with a  Super Bowl commercial campaign. But, I see how these principles can apply to any marketer. Here are 5 ideas:

1) Create buzz. Perhaps it’s a pre-heat postcard offer for a product or service to tease the audience about what’s coming to pique interest and awareness.

2) Build a following and track response. Social media is hot. While advertisers have used specific microsites for campaigns, Facebook pages and Twitter hash tags can be developed for a single campaign too. This way your audience can receive updates and interact with your business while at the same time you can track and monitor response.

3) Start the New Year on the right foot. Begin advertising efforts now, and your   product or service will become top of mind.

4) Have a plan. Think of a marketing strategy as an integrated whole, rather than pieces and parts. Create an overall plan and timelines to test programs for a defined period of time. Then determine whether to revise or expand them.

5) Create a campaign that best represents your brand. Ensure that the message and tone of is consistent throughout. Also, use multiple channels to reach your audience–direct mail, email, and social media,

You don’t have to have a Super Bowl commercial campaign to get “Super Bowl” campaign results.