Social Media Is Really For Everyone

Written By Janelle Schenher, Account SupervisorTwitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

I’ve been traveling quite a bit.  Earlier this month I attended the PIMA (Professional Insurance Marketing Association) Annual Meeting.  And then this past week, I spoke to students at my Alumna Mater—Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Surprisingly, Insurance Marketers and Students have something in common.  What is it, you ask?  Social Media.

Social Media is not really the latest craze—it’s been around for over 10 years—but there are still those out there who don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

The Insurance Marketers’ Challenge

At PIMA, the challenge Insurance Marketers are facing is finding how to be relevant and engaging in the Social Media space.  Insurance is a necessary evil.  You need it so you are protected from something bad happening to you, but you never really want to use it because then something bad has happened.  Insurance Marketers know they need to be in the Social Media space, but they question what value consumers would find after they make their product purchase.

My “two” sense (get it???) is Insurance Marketers should be in the Social Media space to acquire new, prospective customers.  So consumers looking to purchase a new insurance product can get a feel for the company they are looking to purchase from (i.e. the company’s tone, product offerings, etc.).  And it gives the prospect the opportunity to learn and engage with the company before and during the application process.

The College Students’ Opportunities

College Students, on the other hand, have a great opportunity to jump on the Social Media bandwagon now and ride it all the way to their first job.  Social Media has been engrained into them as teenagers.  They are in the unique position to utilize what is so second nature to them to get a job.

Having a LinkedIn account, professional Twitter account, and starting a Blog, are all ways they can beef up their resume or even land a job in Social Media management.  These Social Media tools allow employers to see if you’re a good fit for their company even before an interview.

Students cannot let this deep-seated knowledge go to waste!

So as you can see, Social Media actually IS for everyone.  It’s just finding out the best way to get started.  If you are looking for ways to break into the Social Media space, connect with me @jschenher or, or email me at