Importance of Testing

testing a website

By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

In my previous blog post 5 Super Bowl Strategies for Everyday Marketing Campaigns , one of the strategies I mentioned was making a marketing plan and the importance of testing.

Since testing is such a vital part of my day-to-day work, it deserves its own blog post. Voila!

Why is it important to test? Changing one variable in a direct mail package or an e-mail could have a big impact on generating response and revenue. Therefore, “test, test, test”. You will only improve your creative through testing.

What’s involved with testing? Thoughtful consideration objectives, choosing what single variable to test, and an evaluation of past tests. Remember: test ideas should be evaluated carefully. On just an Outer Envelope alone, you could test the size of the envelope, the color, the teaser, the font and even the postage type (stamp vs. indicia vs. metering).  And that’s just the beginning!  But remember, what “worked” for one industry or company may not be a surefire winner for your test efforts. Be realistic about response expectations. Analyze results to refine future testing.

Would it be necessary to retest? Sometimes results can be unclear.  A confirmation of the test can prove successful and may be the new control next time! To ensure the best and most accurate results, be sure that your audience is large enough and that you are splitting the file so that your test and control groups look exactly the same (gender, age, customer status, etc).

What have you learned from testing? How have past test evaluation affected subsequent test efforts? Any test successes to share?


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