Lions and Tigers and Font, Oh My!


Written by Kyla Herbes, Creative Director

This blog post was slated for last week, but after a very hectic schedule in the art department, we were a tad bit delayed. Please pardon our tardiness, and a big thank you to Kara for trading places with us!

We put so much thought into what you, our reader, thinks is informative when we write our blog posts. After racking our brains on what we thought you might be interested in reading, the art department kept coming back to fonts. We use them everyday.

At first we focused on Helvetica and its dominating presence in the design world. Its all-purpose type design has made it one of the most popular typefaces of all time. We even found a funny quiz that tests the ability to determine if a logo is using Ariel or Helvetica. A couple of them are actually tough to tell apart—Mattel and Staples got me.

But then we thought why look at just Helvetica? Why not look at all the fonts we have in our library…thousands upon thousands. How do you choose? Does picking a font REALLY matter? We think it does.

Ever notice that just how something is written can take you somewhere? Or remind of buying some thing? A brochure cover can go immediately from vintage to modern when you change up the fonts.

Feel like taking a trip to Barcelona?  How about Paris? These inspirational videos are part of a campaign for Education First that bloggers have been posting about like mad. In fact, you may have already seen them on Pinterest.

So next time you are looking at a poster, print ad or billboard, take another look at the font and think about how it makes you feel.