Multimedia is a Must

By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Do you continue to use one proven marketing channel to deliver promotional messages to your customers? If it works, why change it, right? Wrong! Nowadays you need to be smarter and more encompassing… utilize and test multiple communications modes to increase your overall response rate.

Don’t get complaisant. And more importantly, don’t be ignorant to the wealth of opportunities available to improve your marketing efforts. Challenge yourself to think outside of the box, in some cases the mailbox. Where else can you place your message to effectively reach your customers? Do they regularly commute past billboards, subscribe to monthly trade magazines or frequent similar establishments that offer co-marketing?Also, please realize, not all of your customers prefer to receive communications the same way. For instance, let’s consider all of the ways people obtain their weekly news — Newspaper, Radio, Television, Online, and even through Social Media. Before you test various methods, do a brief survey to get educated on the wants, needs and preferences of your customers. You’ll increase your response just by learning how to connect with them more successfully.

Why settle for a constant 2% direct mail response rate each month if you could achieve a higher 5-10% response just by using a combination of marketing tools? The time is now. Investigate your options and try an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) with your next campaign. We are here to help… all you have to do is ask.

When using IMC, just make sure that in all media channels, the message maintains a similar, unified tone and design style, so prospects and customers can easily identify your brand/company. All media aspects should effortlessly work together to ultimately help you obtain higher response and a better return on investment (ROI).

multimedia campaign

To make a point, let me leave you with some proof. Above is a Multimedia Campaign strategically developed for one of the fastest growing franchises, Naked Pizza. Our “Healthy Pizza for Healthy People” Campaign uses four different marketing channels:  direct mail, email marketing, transit marketing (CTA platform & rail car signs) and social media.  After two months, Naked Pizza Chicago reported their highest sales volume since their 2012 grand opening, averaging 167 new customers per week.  Find this beneficial? “Like” my blog. Need marketing help? Contact me: