5 Reasons Google+ Should be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Written By Janelle Schenher, Account Supervisor


To some, Google+’s launch has been seen as a failure when compared to Facebook’s success and number of users.  But the 500 million active Google+ users beg to differ—Google+ is now the #2 social media network, after Facebook.  This does not include total users, but active users.  More people are using Google+ day-to-day than Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

So if your marketing strategy doesn’t include Google+, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon before it leaves you behind.  If the number of active users doesn’t convince you to incorporate Google+ in your Social Media repertoire, then maybe the next 5 reasons will.

1. Visibility.

Unlike Facebook, where their Egderank Algorithm that I wrote about in a previous post (Stop It Facebook) controls what posts you see unless you pay to promote your post. Google+ doesn’t charge people from seeing their posts—everyone sees what you post for FREE.

2. Communities.

Communities bring people together around passions. You can join communities around your company’s interests and engage in the conversation positioning yourself as an “expert” in the community.

3. Complete Your Social Portfolio.

Google doesn’t see Google+ as the next Twitter or Facebook.  They consider it as the “social spine”, a virtual identity, that connects you to everything else online.

4. It’s Google.

Google is THE number 1 search engine.  And Google+ IS Google.  SO content shared on Google+ is being indexed faster and returned in search results more than Facebook and Twitter.  The more Google+ grows, so will the SEO quality.

5. Video.

With Google acquiring YouTube, Google+’s biggest differentiation from other social media networks is the seamless integration of YouTube videos.

Also with the Hangout feature, it allows you to connect with customers live for a question/answer session, product demonstration, or just be available for a certain period each day to assist customers.

Now are you convinced?