Facebook is Giving Pages a Facelift: Part 1

Written By Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media Specialist

facebook logo

Facebook is changing again! These four words are uttered in The Weinstein Organization every week. Not only has Facebook changed their logo and are over hauling personal profiles to a more sleek design, or dare I say a “Google+” look, but they are updating Pages too. These changes include lifted restrictions, added benefits, minimized clutter on admin Pages, and streamlined replies to Page comments.

Facebook Page cover photos came out about a year ago, and they had many don’ts. The photo couldn’t have a website, CTA, price information, or engagement to share or like the Page with Fans. As of March 20th the rules have been changed.

Other than not infringing on copyright material, there is only one major rule to consider. Covers may not include images with more than 20% text. That’s it! You now have the freedom to add what was banned before! Thanks Facebook!

Cover photo size

The next change minimized the clutter of the admin view of the Page. Have you noticed the notifications are no longer on the side of the panel? Posts are there instead with the stats of each post. It’s almost like a score board to see which posts are performing the best. If you still want to see what Fans like and say, Facebook made a convenient Notifications button right above the posts.

facebook admin panel

Replies to Page posts are also changing. You can now reply directly to a thread comment on your Page. This feature is great, because addressing specific Fans is now simple! This is currently an opt-in feature and will be fully implemented July 10, 2013, but I encourage you to opt-in now because, Fans can see the most active responses on your Page, and what other Fans are saying about it.

Also, Facebook’s EdgeRank will be ranking conversations and replies, and the most active conversations will be pushed to the top of a post, therefore, generating more buzz and a better Edgerank score!
Facebook RepliesThese are some small yet big changes Facebook has implemented on a broader scale of updates and modifications. Right now, you can start changing your cover photo and monitor popular posts and replies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my two part series where I address the new Facebook search, changes to Facebook News Feed, and what this all means for EdgeRank. If you have any questions, please email me at kzenere@twochicago.com