How to Successfully End a Completed Visit to Your Website

Written By Mark Weinstein, President

When someone visits your website, whether it’s e-commerce, email sign-up, coupon download or lead generation, the focus is on getting them to take the desired action.  As it should be.  However, the last step in process, when you “thank” the visitor and confirm the desired action, is often overlooked for it’s potential.You may be wasting an opportunity to create a memorable purchase or inquiry experience, improve retention and generate additional sales after the visitor takes the desired action.

Once a visitor takes that action, they have made a commitment. It’s up to you keep the relationship alive and healthy.

Thank you

One of the best ways to solidify a relationship quickly is the “thank you” confirmation page.

Here’s a few ways to maximize your thank you confirmation page:

Cross-sell or Plant the Seed for Future Purchases

Display other relevant products to someone who has just completed a purchase.

Displaying these products can build the sale or plant the seed of interest for future purchases.

Deliver Supporting Content

After someone makes a purchase, prints your coupon or inquires, display testimonials on your confirmation page. This tactic can solidify their decision to do business with your company.

This tactic can also provide additional support to your sales force. Most companies follow-up via email or phone after a prospect has requested a white paper or other information. Ask your sales force which questions or concerns they discuss frequently on the phone, and start addressing these topics on your confirmation page.

Set Purchase Expectations

Your confirmation page can set the proper expectations on the purchase process. Tell prospects when they will receive a follow up and what they can expect from the next communication.

Social Media

Tapping into the customer’s excitement about his/her purchase or coupon discount and asking them to share it with their friends and acquaintances is an easy way to get free exposure and hits on your website.

Take a few moments to review and re-think your “thank you” confirmation page strategy. This is one of those elements of your campaign that could be optimized quickly with great returns.