Get My Attention … Please!

Written by Kim Chapman, Account Executive

stand out

Over the last 4 days, I have received 31 emails and 14 pieces of mail from marketers. (I just counted) Unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time to shuffle through them yet and delete/throw away what I don’t want, and while I welcome these vies for my attention, they beg to answer the following question: “How can marketers really break through the clutter?”

Well, this is a loaded question with lots of possible answers. But here are a couple things marketers should keep in mind when trying to reach prospects or customers.

1)     Capture and use as much data as possible.

Aren’t marketers doing this? According to Experian’s 2013 Digital Marketer Report, “the majority of marketers ask customers for data, but then don’t use it to personalize their emails.” To be exact, 70% aren’t using the data they capture. Using data to customize your emails will show higher click thru rates; 41% higher according to the Experian report (51% higher for triggered emails.)


2)     Don’t assume your customers are the same.

Customers of a maternity boutique are all expecting females, right? Wrong. The customers  are at different stages of their pregnancy. They have different fashion needs and tastes. They may be exercising during their pregnancy. They may be planning to nurse afterward. All of these nuances are important when sending out marketing messages, and most of them can be captured at point of purchase by asking the customer when their due date is, or through type of purchase.


3)     Challenge yourself to look past the data.

What I mean by this is, study your data insightfully, and use it in strategic ways. By analyzing its data, Domino’s discovered that more people order pizza when it rains. So they wisely decided to use local weather reports to target customers.


4)     Creative Sells.

This should be a no “brainer”, but some people put more emphasis on it than others. Personally, if I see copy or art that isn’t smart, I am much quicker to dismiss the product or service. I probably shouldn’t do this, but it’s a way to cut through the clutter. The creative is a reflection of the brand. To me, smart creative means being clever and imaginative while still being relevant. Smart creative. An exception to this is creative that’s intentionally cheesy in order to draw attention. That’s definitely an art, and is also smart. (Think Snuggie.)