Facebook is Giving Pages a Facelift: Part 2


Written by Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media SpecialistFacebook Changes Part 2

In my first installment, Facebook is Giving Pages a Facelift: Part 1, I went over the lifted restrictions, streamlined replies to Page comments, and the minimized clutter on admin Pages. In this segment I’ll cover the new search capabilities including Hashtags, Facebook’s new News Feed, and what this all means for the EdgeRank. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Last Wednesday, Facebook introduced Hashtags. They seem to be entering the game a little late, but let’s not go there. The introduction of Hashtags means a change in Facebook Page search. These Hashtags are now searchable and clickable, so they can benefit your Page. You can Hashtag relevant content like the #NHL or #NBA for instance and when someone does a search for that Hashtag your content, if relevant enough, could be featured.

Facebook HashtagsFacebook’s new News Feed is slowly being released. It is going to be bigger and better than before. The News Feed will feature larger stories and photos, a bookmark navigation, less clutter, and individual feeds for filtering, so a News Feed can be filtered by people, followed pages, or hot content. What does this mean for marketers? Instead of have content pushed through to someone’s News Feed, followed Pages get their own tab where the content is stored. Once someone is done scrolling through their main News Feed then they can go to Pages, photos, or groups. The News Feed giving more control to the Facebook user.Facebook's new News Feed

We all know about Facebook’s EdgeRank. If not, check out Stop It Facebook. Here is what many marketers are asking, “How will the new News Feed affect the algorithm?” In truth not even Facebook knows the answer to this question. Currently Facebook is actively collecting and monitoring feedback, and making changes based on member input, but since the News Feed hasn’t been rolled out to the masses they truly do not know if users will click on the Pages feed.

We all know the EdgeRank isn’t perfect, so this could be Facebook’s doing away with it all together. Just be sure to keep up with you daily content and remember photos rank higher than text alone.


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