Growing Your Email Database

Written by Ashley Page, Account Executive

We hear it all the time in the marketing industry, “Email is where it’s at”. Email now outnumbers direct mail 81 to 1, according to Pew Internet & Lifestyle Project. This is because it’s an easier and a quicker way to get your message out. This is great news for many marketers because email is an extremely economical way to reach and engage customers in a very personal way. Emails can be personalized with customers’ names, purchase history, or content and offers specific to their demographic.

Growing Your Email Database

So EMAIL IS GREAT! But what if you don’t have a substantial email database or even an email database at all?

Growing your email database with email append has become an extremely targeted and useful process. It’s a great way to increase engagement with current and former customers for whom you don’t have email addresses. This could be because when they first started their relationship with your business, email wasn’t an option or you weren’t collecting that information.

The process is fairly quick (10-15 business days) and we have received up to a 74% match rate with past clients. The process starts with TWO taking your postal database and “cleaning” the data to ensure it is formatted properly and we will receive the best match rate. By utilizing a multi-pass process with multiple vendors, our goal is to deliver the greatest email append results for all of our clients.

To comply with CAN-SPAM regulations, we deploy an email that includes all the regular content and offers that you would send out to your customers but it also includes a permissioning message and option to opt-out. Any newly appended records that opt-out, unsubscribe or hard bounce are removed from your file and you do not pay for those records. All of the good quality email addresses are returned to you as part of your now robust email database and you are free to use them for any marketing or contact you would like with your customers.

Who knew that growing your email database to more effectively reach your customers was so easy?

And we can handle the entire process for you! Interested in email append so you can increase your email marketing efforts? Contact me at