3 Changes to Facebook News Feed

Written by Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media Specialist

Our TWO Sense: 3 Changes to Faebook News Feed

Facebook is doing it again… changing! We all know Facebook cannot go six months without tweaking something on their site, but this time it’s going to affect you. In my past articles, Facebook is giving Pages a Facelift Part 1 and Part 2, I discuss all the new changes to Facebook’s Pages. Now, they are at it again.

What is Facebook changing this time? The News Feed. There are three major changes that will affect your Facebook News Feed and how your fans will see you.

1. EdgeRank. Good Bye, EdgeRank! We’ve spent so much time talking about EdgeRank (See Here) and now it’s leaving us. Now Facebook is using a new algorithm that we are going to have to figure out.

2. Story Bumping. Say a user checks their wall in the morning, but doesn’t read all the stories on their News Feed. Story bumping ensures that when said user logs back on to Facebook that they will see some of these unread stories have been bumped to the top of their News Feed. Not all stories will be bumped to the top. Only the ones that are relevant to you and went unseen.

3. Last Actor. This keeps track of the last person you interacted with on Facebook. By Liking someone’s post, Facebook’s new algorithm will keep track of you last 50 interactions and will include those user’s posts more frequently on your News Feed. With anything “Facebook” these changes are going to be rolled out slowly, but the change is coming. These changes are going to keep users up-to-date with who they are following, and lets users know what the important people in their lives are doing. Need more information? Check out my source.

Still trying to figure out what this all means to you and your marketing strategy? Well, this is actually really GOOD NEWS for business. Finally, we know what needs to be done to be seen in fans’ News Feeds. Still have no idea what this all means? Email me. Kzenere@twochicago.com I can help you with all your social media needs and concerns.