15 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Written by Janelle Schenher, Account Supervisor

15 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Most people use LinkedIn as their “virtual” resume.  It’s the place to celebrate their accomplishments, employment history, blog, and overall engage with others in their industry.  Companies need to put the same amount of energy into their LinkedIn Company Page.

Today, potential clients or customers will research a company’s online presence prior to reaching out to the company in person.  And since there are 225 million members using LinkedIn, your company’s LinkedIn Company Page is “the” place for professionals to learn about the latest from your company, products and services you offer, business opportunities, and job openings.

Below are 15 tips to making your LinkedIn Company Page stand out.

  1. Keep branding consistent with your website and other social media channels.
  2. Use your logo as you profile picture.
  3. Have a strong cover photo.  Your cover photo should visualize what your company is about.  Make it professional, and don’t be vague.  The image should immediately illustrate your company’s brand characteristics and bring the member in to see more of your page.
  4. Customize your LinkedIn URL to make it memorable and use your company name.
  5. Make sure all your employees are on LinkedIn and connected to your page.
  6. Update and share content regularly! You can’t just set it and forget it…you must engage your followers—just like with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the list keeps growing.
  7. Share nuggets of content that are easy to digest and easy for people to share.
  8. Include a call-to-action with the content you post.
  9. Post content that positions you as an industry leader.
  10. Promote your company’s blog and its articles on LinkedIn.
  11. Get specific! The About section is the #1 place to tell followers and employees about everything your company can do.  Details are important here.  Make sure to represent every different capability of your company.  You never know what that potential client is looking for.
  12. Great as a recruitment tool if you are looking to hire.
  13. Get employees involved!  Have them share things like articles, job openings or exciting company announcements.
  14. Add Testimonials by requesting your customers to recommend your company.
  15. Grow your audience by having employees use their own professional websites, and embed the LinkedIn Follow Company button.

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