Facebook Now Let’s You Edit Posted Status Updates

Written by Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media SpecialistOur TWO Sense: Facebook No Let's you Edit Posted Status Updates

Noticed anything different on your Facebook timeline? Facebook has enabled users the ability to edit their posts after posting them. The ability to edit means no more embarrassing typos/grammar errors in your Facebook posts. We all have had those clumsy updates from our phones with errors in them, and now they are no longer! Woohoo!

It took Facebook a few months to jump on the editing band wagon. Google+ has had an edit option for quite a few months now, but Facebook had its concerns. The “higher ups” at Facebook were scared users would bait and switch their posts to get more “likes”. An example would be “’Like’ if you LOVE Madonna.”  And then have the user wait for all the likes to come in and then switch out Madonna for Miley Cyrus. What a dent to your music taste that would be!

But in the end, Facebook came to its senses, realized users could edit their history, and is now allowing the ability to edit posts.

Some of you might not see anything different on your Facebook timeline. Don’t worry, the change is coming. The ability to edit is rolling out all week. The update to edit is only available on the Facebook site and the Android App. The iPhone App update is still in the works, but is coming soon.

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