By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: One Size Fits Most

While Halloween costume shopping, I came across an adult super hero costume that stated, “One size fits most.” HMMM…Is that even possible? It did appear to have spandex like qualities….but despite the fact that it could adjust for someone’s girth, this one-piece slip on body suit will not acceptably fit varying heights.  Is it okay to market and sell something that “fits most”? Or, would it be a better idea to sell an assortment of sizes…something to fit each body type? This same thought process can and should be applied to your direct marketing messages.

Whether using direct mail or email communications, one copy message does NOT fit everyone. Due to technological advancements, you now have the ability to cost-effectively tailor and modify your marketing message to speak more directly to your individual customers – addressing their specific needs and wants – while spotlighting the product and service benefits that are most relevant to them.

Times have changed. One-on-one customer marketing is in. Mass marketing is out. You should have noticed by now… all of your customers are NOT the same. Which means that you should NOT be using the same canned marketing message for your entire customer base.

To customize your marketing approach, you must first understand and get acquainted with your customers. You may already have some geographic data available. Possibly some purchase and response data as well. But do you know who your customers really are? If you knew more about them… it could definitely help you market more effectively.

At The Weinstein Organization, we can help you better understand your customers by doing a Customer Profile Analysis. This is a statistical comparison of your best customers against a comprehensive compiled data source. After the analysis, we create a report that details key similarities and differences in your customer behaviors. This not only helps you recognize your best customer traits, but it will also help you identify and find prospects who are comparable to your most valued customers.

Another service that we offer is database appends. We can enhance your existing customer database by appending or attaching additional informative data criteria, such as: gender, age, household income, home market value, homeowner/renter status, presence of children and age of children. Knowing these extra facts about your customers may alter the copy messages you decide to send to them. For example, if you send out a postcard communication promoting school supplies at Back to School time, it would not make sense or be a wise use of your marketing dollars to include your customers who do not have school aged children.

There truly is a wealth of information available that can help you to strategically market to your individual customers and once you better understand your customers’ needs you can then segment your database and utilize digital printing technology and buildable e-templates to fragment your customer communications.

So please pick and choose appropriate copy messages for each customer type. One message does not fit all. And using a more selective marketing approach should increase your response rates. You’ll not only capture your customer’s attention, but with relevant messages and suitable offers you’ll engage and entice them.  So rule of thumb, don’t carpet bomb your database… use a precise guided tactic to achieve results with a select target in mind. Find this interesting and beneficial? “Like” my blog. Need marketing help? Contact me: