A Perfect Harmony

Written by Kim Chapman, Senior Account Executive

"One, Two, Three..." by Dave Perillo
“One, Two, Three…” by Dave Perillo

Successful website design involves aesthetics, but also function and technology. Let’s look at some ways in which these three elements are interrelated:

–       Using images on a website gives a site vibrancy. And it will also kill an index ranking if text is not included as well. Spiders read text, NOT images. If your image is communicating important information, it should be re-iterated in text as well.

–       Interactive elements such a flash or video may help engage the target audience. But they can also slow down a site and are not read by spiders. So it’s important that elements such as these are optimized, display download times, and contain text to back them up.

–       There are a lot of good website design templates out there, but when it comes down to it, every marketer’s goal is unique. Ideally, their goal should be accomplished with a wireframe that’s tailored to their specific needs, and the code and design should follow suit.

–       Navigation is very important when it comes to website design. If it is not user friendly, the user will likely stray and find a site that is. Keeping the main navigations consistent on each page is important. So is making information easy to find – keeping the amount of clicks at a minimum. Other things that need to be considered are screen resolution and ease of use on a handhold devise, among many others.

–       A website could look beautiful on your computer and horrible on your friends, depending on what browser is being used. Compatibility is a very important consideration when it comes to website design. Not only browser compatibility, but also devise compatibility (mobile vs. computer).

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the considerations of successful website design. But no matter what the consideration, it will most likely involve the interplay between aesthetics, function, and technology. And if these 3 elements are effectively harmonized, it will be music to the marketer’s ears.