10 Innovative Email Tactics – Adding Video and Having Live Content

Our TWO Sense: Adding Video and Having Live Content

I’m starting my series for innovative email tactics. This week, I am opening with adding video and having “live” content to your next email campaign. Both of these tactics add value to emails and are great ways to urge customers to click through to the landing page.

Video in email is a new way to gain attention in your next campaign. Here is what you need to know. Video adds value to email only if it has a purpose, so don’t add a video to each email campaign. The video should have a static play button and can be added using HTML5 and be in an mp4 format. Here is what your email with video should have:

  • The video should be no longer than 30 seconds.
  • The video should be embedded in the email.
  • There must be a big CTA at the end of the video.
  • The video should auto play.
  • The video should be above the fold.
  • There should be a backup image in case the video isn’t compatible in your customer’s email host.

“Live” email content adapts messages in each email, so the email the customer reads is customized to them. A live countdown clock or nearest store map are examples of “live” email content. Adding a live countdown during your next sale is a great way to urge customers to click through to the landing page so they won’t miss it! Here are some examples of “live” email content:

  • Live clock
  • Temperature measurement   ( this is good for air conditioner or bathing suit sales)
  • Nearest store map
  • Sale time reminder

Some key things to remember about “live” email content is to not be creepy. You don’t want your customer to think you are watching them. Also, your email should be relevant to the time period. You don’t want to send content that isn’t relevant or useful. This will turn your customers off.

Come back next week and I will go over behavioral re-targeting and pop over subscription forms. If you have any questions email me! kzenere@twochicago.com

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