10 Innovative Email Tactics – Behavioral Re-targeting and Pop-over Subscription Forms

Our TWO Sense: Behavioral Re-Targeting and Pop-Over Subscriptions

It’s week two of my series for innovative email tactics. Last week, I went over adding video and having live content in your emails. You can catch up here if you missed it. This week I will go over behavioral re-targeting and pop-over subscription forms. Both of these tactics are utilized to engage users and get them to sign up and take action when you send them an email.

Behavioral re-targeting is when one gathers their subscriber’s activity on their website, social media, and emails, and uses the information to be more engaging with the subscriber. Behavioral data can be used when a customer abandons their shopping cart on a website. If the customer is logged in to your site via Facebook or their email and they leave their shopping cart you can then send then a reminder email that they have items in their cart. This obviously is great for ecommerce marketers. Here are some key tactics to having a successful behavioral re-targeting campaign.

  • Timing is everything. Wait 20-30 minutes after the abandonment.
  • Leads can go cold within an hour.
  • Personalize the email with a warm greeting.
  • Include pictures and details of the products that were abandoned.
  • Add Links that go right back the customer’s shopping cart.
  • Limit the amount you send to the same customer.

Pop-over subscription forms give your website users a reason to sign up for your emails. This feature allows users to opt-in to receive messages and allows you to acquire new subscribers. Pop-over appears as soon as a user enters the website. It explains why the emails are amazing and asks for the user’s name and email address. Then the user hits submit and now you have their information and permission to send them your emails.

According to Lyris this is a great tool to have because, “Between 70% and 96% of visitors abandoning a site will never return, and this technology can capture email addresses from 3% to 18% of these people – which obviously provides another chance to drive them back to the website through an email program.” This is great for retail sites, but works well with any site trying to collect user emails. Here are some tips for the pop-over forms.

  • Make it clear what you are offering for the email address.
  • Only ask for a small amount of information.
  • Have an obvious exit button for the user who does not wish to give her email address, but still wants to go to your site.

Come back next week and I will go over Gmail actions and how to create a welcome series! If you have any questions email me! kzenere@twochicago.com

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