10 Innovative Email Tactics – Social Media Integration and Email and Display Integration

Our TWO Sense: 10 Innovative Email Tactics -Social Media Integration and Email and Display Integration

There are only two weeks left for my 10 Innovative Email Tactics blog series! Here is last week’s post if you want a refresher. Today, I will be going over Social Media Integration and Email and Display Integration. These two tactics will really echo your other marketing efforts, and they will help your whole marketing campaign feel and look seamless.

Having social media integration to your emails may seem like a no brainer, but no one is doing it to the level that they should. Adding share buttons to your emails is just the start of this tactic. These buttons should be in every email that you send. Email is about socializing and sharing information, so why not have an easy way for your customers to share what you sent on the social platforms they are using. You should be educating your subscribers about the new social media channels you are using and adding content directly from you social media channels into your emails.

Here are some integration Tips for Social Media in emails.

  • Integrate with the networks that are most popular among your subscribers. If your email subscribers are on Pinterest, then market to them with pin it buttons in your emails.
  • Use every email as a chance for you to promote you social media platforms.
  • Run opt-in campaigns targeted at your social media fans and followers. They are prime candidates to become highly engaged email subscribers.

Email and display advertising integration is creating personalized ads in your emails for when you are close to purchasing. This is a tactic that is not used by many marketers, but it can help with brand recognition and help boost online sales. This is a four part marketing effort that is based off of browsing behavior. Step 1: Customer views a product on your website. Step 2: You send and automated email based on that customer’s browsing behavior. Step 3: The customer sees a coordinated ad displayed on another website or their social media. Step 4: You send a follow-up email if the customer has not converted after a pre-determined number of days. Amazon is notorious for doing this and they are really good at getting customers to convert.

Here are some tips for Email and Display Integration.

  • Integrate display advertising directly into customer’s emails to generate more revenue.
  • Use more generic display ads on browsers and more personalized ads on cart abandoners.

Come back next week for my final post of the series! I am going over Re-engagement programs and seasonally relevant email creative! If you have any questions email me! kzenere@twochicago.com

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