By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: 1-to-1-is-two

Personalized marketing efforts are those that are tailored to one specific customer.

This technique is often used in online marketing atmospheres, such as: websites and social media sites where re-targeting efforts are employed to monitor and track an individual customer’s interests… and then later “serve” them an advertisement that makes a future purchase suggestion based on their recently expressed interests.

We also see high use of this tactic in digitally printed direct mail campaigns. Here digital print equipment combines traditional print production with database marketing. This allows companies to sprinkle personal data facts about their customer, such as their past purchases or previously expressed needs, into a mass produced communication. The recipient feels as if the marketer is speaking directly to them addressing their personal concerns.

Both of these custom marketing methods are great ways to capture your customer’s attention and send a targeted communication…However, what if you truly need to create a communication for just ONE customer at a time? Is there a solution for literal one-to-one marketing, outside of opening a Microsoft Word Doc and writing a personal letter?

Our company has developed several custom web-based solutions for national clients that allow individual store managers and sales reps to create pre-approved marketing communications on an individual basis for each of their customers (or potential customers) using professionally designed and legally compliant artwork templates. Which means that these marketers now have the ability to self-create personalized custom communications anytime, anywhere!

Custom built sell sheets can be created in 5 minutes or less and are personally addressed to an individual company, organization or customer. They can be personalized with the sender and recipients contact information and company logos. The creator can select from a variety of bullet points, fill in their own custom text and even upload and crop digital photos. And there is no need to use a local printer…. these one-offs can be printed on a personal printer or sent via email as a PDF attachment. We track and store all orders and can even incorporate an approval hierarchy if need be. This tool keeps your sales team’s grass root marketing efforts under control, and lets you monitor what they’re doing!

Are you intrigued? If a custom web-based solution would work for your team, please give us a call to learn more. We won’t retrofit your needs into a pre-existing solution –each client request is individually evaluated and a custom solution would be developed for your specific marketing needs. How’s that for one-to-one? Call us today (312) 214-2915!

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