4 More Free Ways to Reach Your Fans on Facebook

Written By Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media Specialist

Our TWO Sense: 4 More Free Ways to Reach Your Fans on Facebook

Last week I went over 3 free ways to reach your Fans on Facebook. This week I am going a little more in-depth with the process. The organic process of getting your Fans to see your posts on Facebook is getting harder and harder to do. Here are 4 more was you can reach your Fans.

1. Repost your top-performing updates. Did you post a really engaging article, photo, or video? Well, recycle it! To find your engagement rates for your posts, go to the Insights tab and click on Posts. Here you can sort the posts by engagement. Pick a few of the top engaging posts, make sure the content is still relevant, and repost!

2. Guest Post on the sites that bring in your traffic. If you guest blog post on your top Facebook traffic site more of the readers will see the content. You can find the traffic in the Visits report. The graph will show you which sites are referring the most traffic to your Facebook Page. Get in contact with these sites and ask to guest post!

3. Tag your commenters. Yes, you can’t tag your followers in a post, but if a user comments on a post then you can tag away! Creating a dialogue with your commenters will prompt others to comment and boost your engagement.

4. Message your Friends. Asking your friends to share your content is not frowned upon. This creates trending among friends and friends of friends. Also, when people see many of their mutual friends talking about a product they tend to read more about it and get involved with the conversation.

Want more free ideas for reaching your Facebook Fans? Contact me at kzenere@twochicago.com