3 Tips to Create an Irresistible Outer Envelope

Our TWO Sense: 3 Tips to Create an Irresistible Outer Envelope

By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

The outer envelope of a mailing is the headline of an ad. Copy (or lack thereof) and design can determine whether the mail gets opened.  How can envelope creative be so irresistible that the recipient is compelled to open? Here are three tips to get your envelope opened.

  1. Interest. Does the outer envelope have a unique creative element that draws attention? Maybe an oversized window. Or a breakthrough envelope size to standout in the stack of mail.
  2. Benefits. Know the benefits of the product or service offered to the audience. The recipient wants to know how this item can benefit their life.  An effective outer envelope immediately makes the benefit clear.
  3. Tease. The message should give enough info to hook the recipient to open the kit for more details. Not tell the whole story.

Taking the time to develop a strong outer envelope can pay off because it helps get a piece opened, which leads to more conversions. Try different messaging and creative elements to see what works. Continue testing creative to see what your audience best responds to! If you want to talk more about outer envelope ideas, contact me at kmonson@twochicago.com