What’s the Twitter Website Card?

Written By Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media Specialist

     This week Twitter rolls out its new Website Card. Now, if you’re asking yourself what’s the Twitter Website Card? Never fear! I am here to help. Below are three key items you need to know about the Twitter Website Card.Our TWO Sense: What is a Twitter Website Card

  1. It’s a new way for advertisers to easily surface website content within a tweet. This will drive traffic to any page on their website.
  2. The Card allows Twitter users to easily discover interesting content while giving advertisers the ability to drive a high volume of URL clicks.
  3. Advertisers can drive more traffic from the “right audiences” by using targeting options based on signals like interests, keywords, or tailored audience segments.

The Website card will start rolling out this week to all advertisers globally. They will be able to access it on both mobile and desktop. To create a Website Card, log in to the Cards Manager section of your Twitter Ads account.

For more information about how to get started with Website Cards email me! Kzenere@twochicago.com

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