Written By Julie Determann, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: Why Read This?


Why read this? Well, because it’s important and you most definitely can relate…

We’ve all been there. When it is crunch time on a HOT marketing project and the deadline is fast approaching, the clock is ticking away and your cohorts are waiting on YOU. That’s when it happens…SMACK! You’ve hit a copy wall. You can’t seem to focus, nothing is making sense or sounding right. It’s just too long. It’s missing the key benefits. It’s a dull and boring read. You are not sure how you’ll grab their attention. And to be honest, you don’t know what else to write…

It’s like the expression “drawing a blank.” Well the same goes for writing. It’s a common “brain fart” issue. In fact, did you know, “27% of copywriters searched the IMDB for famous movie quotes and then replaced a key word with the brand or product name to create a headline.”*

We’ve likely all experienced the need for copywriting help. Tips on how to best tap into an audience and then PULL them in. Even the best of us, can benefit from a reminder on these tested and proven copywriting hints.  I have no doubt that they will make your communications more compelling and your efforts worthwhile. Even marketing guru Bob Stone noted in his 30 Timeless Direct Marketing Principles, “The longer you can keep someone reading your copy, the better your chances of success.”

Below are several successful copy tactics used in Direct Marketing to help marketers reel both their prospects and customers in. And to prove a point just now, I’ve incorporated all of them into my blog. Did it work? Are you still reading?

1. Ask Questions – asking a provoking or intriguing question engages the reader and encourages them to think more deeply about your product or services and how it effects them personally.

2. Share Anecdotes – are common stories that relate to your content, but also appeal to the reader on a personal and emotional level thus immediately connecting them to you, your products and services.

3. Include Quotations – a relevant statement from an expert in the field can support you while also adding credibility to your claim.

4. Use Humor – a joke or a funny story puts people in a positive mood and they will likely be more receptive to you and want to read on because they enjoy what you have to say.

5. Sprinkle Shocking Statistics – a fact that is relevant to your topic, but surprising to your reader will improve your overall reader engagement.

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*This statistic is likely made-up, used for pure humor value and to make a valid point that statistics are very thought provoking. It was taken from COPYWRITERS | The Infographic at www.The GeorgeReport.com

My blog Image/Quote of Elmore Leonard was taken from The Copywriting Infographic at: http://www.abccopywriting.com/blog/2012/09/13/copywriting-infographic