Lights, Camera, Action

Using online video advertising to drive response.

Our TWO Sense: Lights, Camera, Action

Written by Kim Chapman, Senior Account Executive

Online advertising is a very good avenue for direct marketing, with the convenience of clicking on the product you want, and being able to purchase it right away.

And with all of the niche-targeting capabilities available to marketers, reaching your audience has never been easier.

As you are thinking about all the different targeting and placement capabilities, don’t forget to consider integrating video into your media plan. (While the production may be cost-prohibitive for some, there are production companies that are willing and eager to work with smaller companies and lower budgets.)

Here are some benefits to using video advertising:

– Pre-roll advertisements (think the clips that play prior to the main video) can be up to 30 seconds, but if you only make them 15 seconds, the viewer is not provided the option of skipping the ad

– Your audience is naturally focused on the area where your ad is going to display, meaning they are more likely to notice and pay attention to it

– This dynamic medium allows you the ability to convey things about the product that you would not be able to with static banner ads. This could be especially helpful to new companies that are trying to create awareness for themselves, as well as drive response

– You can still implement all of the standard targeting strategies that are used with static ads: categorical, behavioral, retargeting, search, geographical, demographical

So theoretically you could place a video ad for a local shoe store on YouTube, and target women in a certain income bracket in a certain area that have an affinity for shoes, and place that ad prior to video about fashion. (in most cases I would not recommend using all of this criteria at once because your audience might get pretty small, but you get the idea)

– Video is naturally more engaging than something that is static and has no sound

– Video brings with it the potential to go viral, as long as it’s viral worthy. For this you need creative content that somehow creates a “wow” reaction with the viewer.

I’m sure all of these benefits contribute to the fact that consumer are 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad as opposed to a static banner ad*. That is a huge lift in response!

If you are interested in using video to drive response, or any other form of direct marketing, contact me at

*Giselle Abramovich, Giselle. “15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Online Video Advertising.” CMO. Adobe, 28 August 2013. Web.