Pinterest-Your New Online Marketing Catalog

Written By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: Pinterest-Your new Online Marketing Catalog

For direct marketers the catalog was a household staple for many decades. As a child I remember looking through the pages of the JCPenney catalog for a new bedspread. Whenever an idea or new product was needed, the thick, printed catalog was the go-to.  I could spend hours and hours looking at the catalog trying to decide between the hunter green plaid one or the hot pink satin one with a bookmark holding my place. Because it was the size of a phone book, it didn’t leave the house.

Now a new source for a catalog exists online – Pinterest. Since the website functions like a portable bulletin board, I just have to pin something that I like and want to return to later. In my account I can organize my items into boards by subject matter and return to them whenever I log onto the web. I even have the Pinterest app on my iPhone.

In a recent AdWeek article “Pinterest Users Don’t Mind Ads—Up to a Point” by Melissa Hoffman, a 2014 survey indicates that 49% of Pinterest users use Pinterest instead of browsing physical catalogs. This data supports an opportunity for marketers and even every day consumers to influence potential buyers by “pinning” a product. And 38% of active Pinterest users bought something because they saw the item on Pinterest.  Since Pinterest seems like less of a “hard sell” to many, buyers may be even more likely to buy because it’s been endorsed via Pinterest. While it’s not the traditional catalog many of us grew up with, this new mode of buying and selling is gaining traction.

Pinterest is great not only for personal bulletin boards but also for business. At TWO we have dedicated Pinterest boards and have also incorporated Pinterest into several customized client campaigns.  While retail and food/beverage are strong candidates for Pinterest, other industries can benefit from incorporating this channel into a marketing strategy.

To determine how Pinterest might be integrated with your marketing efforts, please contact me at Happy pinning!