9 Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Written By Kelly Zenere, Assistant Account Executive and Social Media Specialist

Our TWO Sense: Dos and Dont's of Social Media

I get many questions about posting on social media. Is it okay to post this? What if this happens? Can I say that? My one key bit of advice, if the post, video, or photo sounds or looks even remotely offensive it most likely is, so don’t post it. Below are nine of my social media dos and don’ts that I and The Weinstein Organization live by.

• Do be REAL and AUTHENTIC — be causal and friendly. Stick to each client’s brand philosophy!

• Do add social media icons to client’s webpages.

• Do have a Social Media Triage Chart. A social media response triage is an “if this, then that” flow chart that will help the client make wise decisions on whether an event is escalating to the point where it needs a response.

• Do a Social Media Crisis Plan. The plan should have pre-approved answers to frequently asked questions or comments.

• Do respond to feedback (both positive and negative) from followers. (use the social media triage chart and crisis plan)

• Do keep client profiles updated– social media sites are a major form of communication that are used 24/7 and the profiles should have all the correct information at all times.

• Don’t post too much. People will get annoyed and unfriend or stop following. An ideal number of tweets is 2-4 a day and 1-2 Facebook posts.

• Don’t say the same thing over and over again — be subtle in marketing tactics.

• Don’t post anything (including pictures, links, etc.) that is questionable, inappropriate or that the client may not have permission to post


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