6 MUST-Dos When Building a Mobile Site

Written By Janelle Schenher, Account Supervisor

6 Must haves for a Mobile site.

Earlier this month, Mark talked about the importance of having a Mobile Advertising Strategy, but how ready is your website for mobile?  Based on the Savvy Shopper Infographic, 79% of shoppers are using their smartphone while shopping.  Of those using their phone, 65% prefer using the mobile sites over apps.

This data is important for marketers.  Having a website is obvious for any company, but having that website optimized for mobile is now crucial.  Your site needs to be mobile-ready for easy shopping and navigation.  Below are 6 musts for your company’s mobile site.

1. Your Home Page should contain your most relevant content. You are limited to a certain amount of real estate and bandwidth.  Provide a link to the desktop version of your site for those who want to delve deeper into your content.

2. Taps are the new clicks.  Make sure that links and buttons are bigger, so it’s easy for people to tap with fingers and thumbs.  Don’t forget a Tap to Call and Tap to Email function too!

3. Mobile sites should be optimized for ALL phone types.  For example, Flash will not work on iPhones.

4. Add Social Media buttons like Facebook and Twitter. Most people are using social media on their phones rather than on desktop computers.  You want your audience to be able to engage with you on social media easily from your mobile site.

5. Use Short URLs.  The shorter the URL, the easier it is to type on a phone.

6. The single column layout works best.  It’s easy to navigate, transitions better between the portrait and landscape views, and because screens are tiny, it’s easier to read the content in one long column rather than zooming in.

If you are unsure if your site is mobile-ready, please email me at jschenher@twochicago.com for a consultation.