Connecting Mobile to your Marketing Mix

By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: Connecting Mobile to your Marketing Mix

Let’s face it, most of us stay pretty well-connected these days, thanks to our handy wireless device of choice.

My smart phone goes everywhere I go. As a mobile-user and as a marketer, there’s increasing opportunity to capture audiences like me in engaging new ways.

According to the Wall Street Journal article “Mobile-Ad Spending Leaps, but Trails User Growth” mobile ad spending is estimated to climb to 83% this year. So if mobile isn’t a part of your marketing mix yet, it will likely be soon.

Here are some types of considerations and how to get started:

1)      Consider how location can help with your mobile marketing efforts? Perhaps pushing specific content to users based on geography presents opportunity. Like an ad suggesting a local attraction nearby a place you’re visiting.

2)      How much do you know about your audience, such as what mobile platform(s) does your target audience use? This is not only mobile phones but also iPads, tablets, Kindle Fire, etc.

3)      How can native advertising help accomplish your targeting efforts? Remember Native advertising is an online way in which the advertiser provides content in the context of the user’s experience. It makes paid advertising feel less like an ad and therefore increase the likelihood users will click on it.

Mobile may be the new frontier and require testing to see how it works with your product or service.

While other types of media are still consistent, mobile is going to become a larger part of the mix. How do you make it part of yours?

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