How to Expand Your Brand, Even on a Tight Budget

by Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Our TWO Sense: How to Expand Your Brand, Even on a Tight Budget

This week I came across the news of Cinnabon’s success and it is an interesting case study: “How Cinnabon Grew its Brand Without Advertising”. They started building their brand about 30 years ago on a small budget and just last year posted retail sales of over $1 million.

Considering their current earnings it’s hard to believe that there weren’t many funds for advertising in the beginning. But because the company made smart choices with their advertising budget, look how successful they became. They are in malls, airports and grocery stores today. Cinnabon is a household name.

So what’s the take away?  As marketers we must continue to be creative and stretch our marketing dollars to work for us the best. And we recommend working with other marketing experts who can do more with less. Tight budgets can still make an impact.

Even with a small budget of a few thousand dollars (like many start-ups or small-medium sized business may have), the Cinnabon story is an inspiring one. It’s possible to expand a brand’s reach and profitability, even if the advertising budget isn’t as big as last year. Or maybe your company is challenged by what type of advertising should be used to grow your product or service. There’s options for digital or traditional advertising. Which is best for your business?

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