7 Tips for Pinterest

Our TWO Sense: 7 Pinterest Tips


Pinterest can be considered the online catalog of the 21st century. It is an online site where you can save (pin) and organize images and videos into different groupings called boards. You can upload images and videos yourself, or you can add images and videos that you’ve found on other web sites. Below are 7 Pinterest Tips and a checklist to get started!

7 Pinterest TIps

  • Create a board that your Pinterest audience can — and will want to — discover.
  • Create dynamic images which demand attention.
  • Pin from a direct URL.
  • Write a description that is short between 100 and 200 characters.
  • Add a hashtag, to the content being pinned to categorize it with similar pins.
  • Promote the pins on the client’s website or blog to promote Pinterest page.
  • Use Pinterest analytics to see which pins are giving the client the most traffic.

Check List for Pinterest:

¨    Use Twitter to set up account.

¨    Create a business account and follow all website html steps.

¨    Start with 12 boards and grow from there.

¨    Include boards that have to do with the company.

¨    Put most prominent boards at the top.

¨    All boards need a description.

¨    Pins need a description.

¨    Pin what is trending.

¨    Follow appropriate pinners.

¨    REMEMBER! To pin from website!

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