Why to Use Storytelling in Advertising

Our TWO Sense: Why to Use Storytelling in Advertising

One of my favorite brands, Chipotle, continues to be financially successful as other brands, including McDonald’s, are struggling with sales. Chipotle recently reported a 56% increase in profits according to the Forbes article by Megan McGrath, “The Advertising Game: How Brands Like Chipotle, Google And Gap Rise Above Competitors”

Through an animated video advertisement named “Back to the Start”, Chipotle’s company culture comes through in an interesting tale about a farmer getting back to basics in terms of the food system. With over 8.5 million YouTube views, the video has gotten a lot of attention and has also generated more revenue for Chipotle.

In marketing, a well-told story can be an interesting and effective way to advertise. Large national brands have experienced success this way but your big or small business can too.

Why try storytelling in advertising? It’s an innovative way to communicate the unique selling proposition of your product or service-what sets you apart against competition. Storytelling also can add an emotional connection to the viewer or recipient, adding some dimension to the product or service being sold. And finally it can be a clear way to explain your product or service to engage the prospect or customer.

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