7 Reasons to Use Infographics for Your Content Marketing Strategy

During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year.

Here is Number 7 by Janelle Schenher!

Infographics are graphic, visual representations of information presented in a simplified, easy-to-understand manner. Infographics that are visually attractive and compelling, become viral instead of ordinary text content.  That’s why infographics are popping up everywhere—websites, facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

Wondering if an infographic is important to your content marketing strategy?  See how these companies are using infographics:

1. Share your company’s story.

Our Two Sense: Share your company’s story.2. Explain a complex topic.

Our TWO Sense: Explain a complex topic.3. Teaching Tool.

Our TWO Sense: Teaching Tool4. Create awareness about a cause.

Our TWO Sense: Create awareness about a cause.5. Show comparisons and differences.

Our TWO Sense: Show Comparisons and differences.

6. Show survey results.

7. Build brand awareness.

Our TWO Sense: Build Brand awareness


Do you have content that would work well for an infographic but don’t know where to start?  Send me an email at jschenher@twochicago.com, and we’ll help develop the perfect one that meets your marketing goals.