11 Twitter Best Practices

During the new year we will be looking back to our best blog posts of last year

Here is Number 5 by Kelly Zenere

Our TWO Sense: 11 Twitter Best Practices

Twitter connects businesses to customers in real-time. Businesses can use Twitter to quickly share information and news with people interested in their products and services, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and influential people. I have already shared my social media does and don’ts and my 14 Facebook Best Practices, so here are 11 best Twitter practices everyone should follow!

Twitter Best Practices:

  • Tweet up to 2-4 times daily, especially at peak times.
  • Keep tweets short! The limit is 140 characters, but cut down to 100. This allows tweeters the ability to comment or retweet.
  • Have a conversation with other businesses.
  • Tweet in a timely manner about what is currently happening.
  • Keep the tweets “real”; don’t be too sales-like.
  • Afternoons are the best time to Tweet.
  • Tweets with one or two hashtags can receive 20% higher engagement.
  • Only use hashtags that are relevant to the tweet that is being sent.
  • Follow those who are tweeting at the client. Also follow and create lists on companies, people, events, teams, and small business that relate to each client.
  • Tweet pictures for more engagement and retweets.
  • Add links after the key message. Also keep the link URLs short.

BONUS! I added a check list for you to follow so your company or client’s Twitter profile isn’t missing anything important.

Check List for Twitter:

¨  Create custom background

¨  Create custom Twitter profile photo

¨  Create custom Twitter cover photo

¨  Create a description for the client. It can only be 160 characters long so use hashtags to describe the client, add in website URL, and add Facebook page if it fits.

¨  Reference most relevant social media link

If you have any Twitter or Social Media questions please email me at kzenere@twochicago.com.

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