3 Free Ways to Reach Your Fans on Facebook

During the new year we will be looking back to our best blog posts of last year

Here is Number 4 by Kelly Zenere.

3 Ways to reach your fans

We all know by now that in order to run a successful Page on Facebook you must reach your Fans. In recent months, Facebook has made organic Fan reach harder and harder for Pages. Facebook wants your marketing dollars for sponsored posts and banner ads, but there are still free ways to reach your Fans organically. Here are 3 free easy ways for you to reach your Facebook Fans.

1. Find out when your Fans are online. The best time to post on Facebook is when your Fans are using the site! You can find out when your Fans are on Facebook by going to your Page’s Insights and clicking posts. Using Insights you will see what times your Fans are most engaged. Now, start posting during those peak times.

2. Let others post content on your Page. When you let people post on your Page, their friends will see the activity in their news feed. This is great for reach! Maximize this reach and let the people post!

3. Host a “caption this” contest. These contests are a great way to get Fans involved with your Page and for your Page to reach their friends. These contests bring in comments and create an overflow of viral reach.

Want more free ideas for reaching your Facebook Fans? Come back next week and I will go more in-depth Fan reach.

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